Our Fundamental Beliefs

Our Mission â€“ Making Life Better for Those Living with Kidney Disease.
For nearly 40 years, our mission has remained unchanged. From the patient chair side to the boardroom, this powerful yet practical principle guides our daily clinical work as well as our leadership decisions.

Our Vision. Working together, our teams strive to align strategic planning and tactical operations to achieve the following outcomes:

  • To shape CKD healthcare delivery and elevate standards of care.
  • To be recognized as an industry leader.
  • To be the preferred employer, provider, and partner.

Our Values. Our shared company values developed and evolved from our employees’ experiences with direct patient care during our nearly 40-year history. These core values are summarized in ICARE, an acronym employees across our organization embrace as an expression of our commitment to patients and each other. ICARE stands for:


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Every time a patient walks through our door they are telling us that they want to live. It is our job to provide them with as much quality to that life as possible.”
– Satellite Employee