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Satellite Healthcare Offers Career Opportunities for Top Healthcare Talent

We welcome applications from talented professionals who are looking for an opportunity to improve the lives of people with chronic kidney disease.

We have created an environment that encourages new ideas, fosters collaboration, fuels career growth and promotes clinical excellence. Working at Satellite Healthcare, you'll enjoy a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package from a patient-driven organization that strives to improve technical competence through our extensive in-house training.


Satellite Urges Job Seekers to Use Caution Online

Satellite Healthcare was recently made aware of an ongoing Internet scam perpetrated via Yahoo! Message Boards by individuals claiming to be hiring on behalf of healthcare employers. Job seekers report being contacted and asked to join a Yahoo! Chat Room for a staged interview during which the scammers point candidates to legitimate websites to bolster claims that they are actual hiring managers. Following a brief online exchange, potential hires are offered a work-from-home position, which can only be secured with a payment through Western Union or MoneyGram to cover the cost of work-related supplies.

Satellite wishes to make it clear to job seekers that Satellite employees with the authority to interview and hire job applicants never do so via Internet chat rooms, nor do they ask for payment of any kind to secure job offers.

Review Current Job Openings:

As you look at each job opening on the linked pages below, select the 'apply' button to submit your resume directly to the hiring manager for review and consideration. If this is your first time applying for a job with Satellite Healthcare, you will be asked to create a user name and password.

Satellite Healthcare only accepts applications and resumes online via our website for job openings specifically posted on the website. You are considered an applicant for a position after you have successfully submitted your application/resume online for review and consideration. You are only considered an applicant for the actual position(s) for which you have successfully submitted your application/resume. If you have not received a response to your submitted resume within 90 days, you will no longer be considered an applicant for the submitted position.

View job openings at Satellite Healthcare, Satellite Dialysis and WellBound.
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When I saw how you took care of my daughter the first time, I knew she’d be all right and that I didn’t have to worry.”
– Mother of Patient