Satellite Healthcare Funds Research To Improve the Lives of Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

Founded in 2000, the Norman S. Coplon Extramural Grant Program has become one of the nation's largest private research endowments for research into kidney disease and its treatment.

  • Encourages Young Researchers. Coplon Grants empower young promising researchers to seek ways to improve kidney health. These grants fund worthwhile proposals from passionate researchers early in their careers. In addition to advancing the knowledge and treatment of kidney disease, Satellite's support also helps these researchers build their resumes and complete the preliminary research needed for larger grants later in their careers.
  • Scientific Advisory Board Review. Satellite Healthcare's independent scientific advisory board convenes each year to review all submitted grant applications and recommend the best proposals for approval. These recommendations are then approved by the Satellite Healthcare Board of Directors.
  • Annual Symposium. Satellite Healthcare sponsors an annual symposium, where researchers supported by a Coplon Grant share findings, receive constructive feedback and participate in a free exchange of ideas with peers and members of the Scientific Advisory Board.

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The technicians at Satellite Dialysis are great. They are always explaining, step by step, each procedure professionally and clearly, but somehow always managing to console me or make me laugh.”
– Patient