Satellite WellBound Helps Patients Perform Home Dialysis Successfully

Home dialysis patients generally live longer, benefit from better overall health, and enjoy a higher quality of life than patients on other methods of dialysis. That is why we created Satellite WellBound, the first healthcare services company to focus on personalized self-care training for home dialysis patients.

Confident Home Dialysis for More Patients
More than 20% of all Satellite patients are on home therapy–nearly three times the national average. Our home therapy expert staff helps you tailor your dialysis treatments to your individual needs.

Our Satellite WellBound home dialysis program includes:

  • Personalized Care. Each friendly WellBound center is staffed with specialty-certified nurses who personally train each patient to perform their own treatments at home. Training schedules are individualized to meet patient needs. Our centers also give patients easy access to registered dietitians and social workers that help solve problems and ensure that patients feel their best as they get used to and continue on dialysis therapy.
  • Talk to a Real Person Any Time. WellBound gives patients and their families the peace of mind that they can ask for help no matter when. Patients can easily reach staff onsite during business hours. Plus, after hours, WellBound patients can speak with a live home therapy dialysis nurse by phone seven days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • Patient-to-Patient Programs. WellBound links new home dialysis patients and those considering this type of treatment with experienced home dialysis patients. This gives these patients a chance to learn more about home dialysis first hand and builds greater confidence as they begin performing their own treatments at home.

Better LIFE™ Wellness Education for Pre-dialysis Patients
WellBound offers a range of free Better LIFE™ Wellness Education classes to pre-dialysis CKD patients and their families. Our friendly, knowledgeable leaders provide practical information on topics such as chronic kidney disease, diabetes management, hypertension, cardiovascular health, kidney transplants, exercise, nutrition, and stress management.

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