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Satellite Healthcare Takes an Active Role in the Future of Healthcare

As our centers and their staffs work to improve the lives of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients today, our corporate headquarters staff works to improve the state of healthcare for patients tomorrow.

Legislation Tracking and Education
Satellite Healthcare actively monitors state and federal legislation that could impact our patients and the way we operate as a health care provider.  In addition, we feel an obligation to educate and inform elected officials on issues that impact kidney health as well as the CKD community.

Industry Participation
Part of our industry leadership includes active membership in a number of regional and national associations, including board representation on:

  • Kidney Care Council (KCC), a nonprofit national health care association based in Washington, D.C. and comprised of 12 of the leading U.S. kidney dialysis providers.

Satellite Healthcare and its staff also participate as members of the following organizations: 

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Every time a patient walks through our door they are telling us that they want to live. It is our job to provide them with as much quality to that life as possible.”
– Satellite Employee