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Satellite Healthcare Partnerships - A Better Choice for Excellence in Patient Care

Satellite Healthcare partners with nephrologists and hospitals across the country to provide the very best services to patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).

We provide partners the industry's most flexible arrangements, with such options as:

  • Joint ventures of new or existing facilities
  • Acquisitions of existing hospital or physician-owned programs
  • Management agreements

Why Choose Satellite as Your Partner

Choosing Satellite Healthcare as your joint venture partner brings specific, compelling advantages:

  • Industry Leading Clinical Outcomes. Satellite Healthcare patient outcomes consistently surpass industry performance standards.
  • Long-term Stability. Satellite is a financially successful not-for-profit organization freed from the turmoil of sale, merger or frequent reorganization. For nearly four decades, Satellite has been able to focus exclusively on patient needs and to reinvest in improving treatment protocols and in supporting research and the CKD community.
  • Comprehensive Solution. With Satellite, you get a complete package supporting clinical and business excellence:
    • Strong support for all dialysis modalities (in-center HD, home HD, PD, nocturnal).
    • Advanced IT platform supporting all clinical functionalities (physicians, nurses, dietitians, social workers and PCTs) and key operational functions (billing, lab, cost and supply management).
  • The Right Focus for Long-term Success. We have invested aggressively to build the systems, capabilities and infrastructure needed to succeed under new Medicare payment and quality requirements.
    • Information Technology. Our suite of dynamic and flexible clinical and business systems links patients, clinical staff, research and business operations. Our systems help centers run efficiently and allow staff to spend more time with patients.
    • Home Dialysis Leader. Over 20% of our patients are on home therapy, nearly triple the national average. Our clinical teams have developed unique and effective approaches that empower patients to confidently manage self-care.
    • Proven Patient Wellness Educator. The first organization to focus on comprehensive pre-dialysis patient education, Satellite actively encourages patients to be more proactive in managing their health. Greater health literacy helps patients slow disease progression, delay onset of dialysis and smooth transitions to dialysis.
  • Industry Leadership. Satellite Healthcare is active in key industry associations and is a leader in CKD research and patient advocacy. Satellite Research funds 24 outside research grants.  Satellite also funds an endowed chair at Stanford University School of Medicine to help train and inspire the next generation of nephrologists.
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You don’t have to stop dreaming or aspiring to great things when your kidneys stop working.”
– Satellite Employee