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Satellite WellBound Leads the Industry in Home Dialysis

In general, nephrologists believe 25 percent or more of dialysis patients could be on self-care dialysis at home. Home dialysis patients live longer, enjoy better outcomes, and reduce the cost of healthcare. Satellite Healthcare has three times the number of patients on home dialysis than with other providers.

Satellite WellBound proactively supports the full spectrum of home treatments, including:

  • Peritoneal Dialysis: continuous ambulatory (CAPD) and automated (APD)
  • Home hemodialysis (HHD): daily and nocturnal
  • Dialysis every other day/night

WellBound centers are staffed with specialty-certified nurses (CNNs/CDNs) who personally train patients to perform their home dialysis treatments.

Patient Advantages Payer Advantages
  • Improved health outcomes due to opportunities for longer and/or more frequent dialysis
    • Lower mortality rates
    • Fewer hospitalizations
    • Fewer prescriptions
  • Fewer fluid and dietary restrictions
  • More schedule flexibility; greater freedom for employment and travel
  • Fewer hospitalizations
  • Fewer prescriptions
  • Lower dialysis-onset costs
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You don’t have to stop dreaming or aspiring to great things when your kidneys stop working.”
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