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Optimal Start® — Satellite Healthcare's Industry-Leading Program to Help Patients New to Dialysis

When starting dialysis, patients often feel overwhelmed and scared. Everything is new and different: new information, new words, new things to remember and new people to meet. It's natural to feel confused, nervous, and even a little angry or sad.

That's why Satellite Healthcare developed Optimal Start, a 90-day program that gets you off to a good beginning. Optimal Start helps you understand what's going on and helps you adjust to dialysis.

Optimal Start includes:

  • A nurse specializing in patient education and care coordination who acts as a single point of contact for you. Someone who can answer your questions and communicate your needs to your entire care team.
  • Personalized one-on-one sessions with a dialysis expert who will explain kidney disease, how hemodialysis works, and treatment options for you.
  • Easy access to resources and support to help you and your family adjust to a new lifestyle, including:
    • Communications with insurance companies
    • Transportation to and from your dialysis centers
    • Diet ideas and shopping and cooking tips
    • Employment and dialysis
    • Travel or vacationing on dialysis
    • Support groups for you and your caregiver

You'll experience a number of benefits from this very successful program. As often as you like, you'll have a dedicated person available to answer your questions, talk about concerns, and discuss options. You'll also have access to resources to learn more about ways to stay healthy as well as ideas of how to adjust to dialysis and continue to live your life to its fullest.

Optimal Start makes starting dialysis easier and helps you start feeling better fast.

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Optimal Start
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Without home dialysis, I couldn’t have gone to school to become a renal dietitian. I dialyze while studying, and now I’m at Johns Hopkins University.”
– Patient