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Satellite Healthcare — In the Words of Patients

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We care what our patients believe and communicate about the services we provide them. To ensure we are meeting the needs of our patients and excelling in the care we provide, Satellite Healthcare surveys our patients annually to obtain their feedback and comments.

Additionally, we get letters from patients and their families letting us know how grateful they are for the care we provide. This is why Dr. Norman S. Coplon started Satellite; he wanted to provide expert care with the greatest compassion for patients and their families.

Below is a sampling of what some patients have asked us to share with others about their care.

Wife of Satellite WellBound Patient — Good Beyond Belief
“How do I even begin to thank you ALL for the wonderful care, help, guidance, and love that we have received from you? The classes to help me become comfortable doing hemodialysis as well as your patience with us was good beyond belief. You were always there to give us the boost or jump-start we needed.”

Satellite Dialysis Patient — Forever Thankful
“I wanted to give my thanks to all of you for the care and consideration you’ve all shown me through this process. It’s been difficult but because of your generosity and kindness you’ve all made it much more bearable. I am forever thankful.”

Satellite Dialysis Patient — Eased My Fears
“Your employee gave me a tour of the treatment area and answered my questions. He was extremely knowledgeable and has an incredible gift to provide a level of comfort beyond words. I talked with him less than an hour and I learned so much. He introduced me to the nurses and technicians whom were all very nice and professional as well. I look forward to this being my facility of choice. Thank you for hiring people like the ones I met who can ease our fears.”

Daughter of a Satellite Nocturnal Dialysis Patient — I Have My Father Back
“A year ago, my father was emotionally distraught because of his illness and its debilitation. Satellite gave him his life back. I am so grateful to have my father returned to the man he once was.”

Satellite Dialysis Patient — My Second Family
“The people at Satellite and the other dialysis patients are like my second family. At Satellite, their number one concern is patients. They treat patients really well. And everyone working at the clinic helps each other — they all work together. I’ve learned a lot about dialysis over the years. The Satellite technicians and nurses always tell me what’s happening and they take time to explain things.”

Satellite Dialysis Patient — 20 Year Celebration
“A few years ago, the people at Satellite gave me a watch, with my name engraved on it, to help me celebrate 20 years of successful dialysis. To be celebrated like that, to get that respect, is a big thing for me.”

Satellite Dialysis Patient — Good People
“I appreciate the care I get. It makes an unpleasant experience very bearable. They have helped me feel comfortable in the adjustment to this process of dialysis... There are good people here.”

Satellite Dialysis Patient — Make Me Smile
“The staff is very professional - very caring and fun. They always have a great way of bringing a smile to my face when I come in.”

Satellite WellBound Patient — Thriving on Dialysis
"WellBound has been and is a positive experience for me. I have been on the NxStage system for almost one year and am thriving both mentally and physically. The follow-up services are excellent."

Satellite WellBound Patient — Very Competent and Caring
"WellBound is an outstanding facility with very competent and caring leadership. They have been totally supportive and helpful to me... I appreciate the new technology, the technical support and the wonderful staff!"

Satellite WellBound Patient — Not Alone with the Disease
"Because of the exceptional staff and their compassionate concern for patients, I never feel alone in this disease...The staff is knowledgeable, professional and there for the patients... I'm grateful for such a fine clinic and excellent staff."

Satellite WellBound Patient — Comfortable Environment
"One of the best dialysis centers I’ve ever visited. Very clean and home-like environment. Excellent team and support. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to try to go home and do dialysis."

My life is richer due to being employed by such an inspiring company. Thanks so much for making the last 5 years a joy for me.”
– Satellite WellBound RN, CNN