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Patients & Family | Transferring to Satellite

Welcoming You to Satellite Healthcare

Thank you for choosing Satellite Healthcare. We look forward to becoming your dialysis partner. Because we were created as a not-for-profit, community benefit organization, our dedicated, caring professionals are free to focus primarily on patient care.

Your current treatment center will be calling the Satellite center closest to you and managing all the necessary paperwork. However, please feel free to call your new center directly if you have any questions or concerns. We’re always available to help you. 

If you go to a center for your dialysis treatments, call a Satellite Dialysis Center near you. 

If you perform dialysis yourself at home, call a Satellite WellBound Center near you.

Satellite Dialysis operates more than 30 high quality, state-of-the-art, patient-friendly dialysis centers that meet the long-term clinical needs of CKD patients.

On your first visit, you’ll meet your Satellite social worker, who will answer your questions and let you know about all the resources we have to offer.

At that meeting, or any other time you happen to be at the center, do let us know if you have any interest in exploring the possibility of performing dialysis at home. While it’s not right for everyone, those patients do home treatments are extremely pleased with the added freedom and flexibility this option provides.

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With nearly 20 centers, Satellite WellBound focuses on personalized training and support for patients performing dialysis at home.

In addition, WellBound provides a number of patient wellness education programs that can help delay or prevent the progression of early stage CKD. These free classes are also great for family and friends who want to learn more about CKD and how to help you stay your healthiest. 

For more information on Satellite WellBound,


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My Satellite social worker is an angel. I couldn’t do it without her. She was my therapist, my guru, my financial advisor, and event coordinator for my newfound dialysis family.”
– Patient