A Patient-Centered Approach for the Best Possible Quality of Life

Satellite teams concentrate their efforts on helping patients achieve the best outcomes and quality of life possible. We aspire to meet and exceed the standards set by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), including:

  • Low standardized hospitalization rates (SHR) in both admits and days, as compared to national averages
  • Outperforming industry benchmarks in terms of reaching recommended hemoglobin levels as well as the prevalence of fistulas as the preferred vascular access

Additionally, Satellite’s history as the first to introduce dedicated home dialysis centers drives our commitment to promoting individualized care and patient empowerment. This active encouragement and support for patients has resulted in nearly three times the national average proportion of patients on home dialysis.

Home dialysis results in a higher quality of life for patients and their families. It allows them the flexibility to set their own treatment schedules to match their lifestyles. Plus it gives them greater opportunities to do what’s important to them — work, travel, and spend more time with their families.

Strategic, Rewarding Partnerships

Whether you seek a sole partner or a smart way to diversify delivery of renal care/ESRD services, Satellite is a perfect fit.

Financially stable, we have a 40-year legacy of providing patients with personalized care. As a thoughtful, mid-size company, we plan to grow in a smart and strategic way. We consider our size one of our major strengths. We are large enough to have scale yet small enough to be nimble and responsive.

Home Therapy Leader

Satellite was an early adopter of home dialysis. We have the highest percentage of patients on home therapies, more than double larger competitors.

Satellite knows home dialysis. We know how to train patients and their families for success. This expertise delivers better outcomes to patients and a greater return on investment for partners.

Research Investments That Make a Difference Now

As a successful nonprofit, Satellite’s profits are used to fuel renal research. Satellite’s $150 million endowment supports applied clinical research focused.

Working in collaboration with partners across the country, our research projects focus on improving the lives of patients now.

Patients First

Satellite puts patients first. Our mission driven commitment means we offer patients more than dialysis treatments.

Our teams ensure patients’ receive holistic care and innovative services that help patients live the best life possible.

Freedom and Flexibility to Innovate

Easy access to Satellite decisions makers with minimal red tape. Our partners are inspired to innovate patient care.

With our experienced, well-trained teams, our partners endeavor to bring to light better, more effective solutions to today’s patient care challenges and define the future of CKD care.