By the 1960s, patients often traveled great distances to a regional medical center for life saving dialysis treatments.

Dr. Norm Coplon, Satellite’s founder, believed it was possible to provide individualized dialysis care in a friendlier, more comfortable environment closer to where patients lived. With only six patients, the first Satellite dialysis center opened March 1st, 1974.

Today, Satellite Healthcare’s staff of over 1500 work to improve the quality of life for more than 6500 patients, across 80 centers and six states.

And, this is just the beginning. Our next 40 years promise to be just as exciting as our first.

More than Four Decades of Putting Patients First™

    1st Center Opens in March 1974

    Located in a tiny building, tucked behind a gas station in west San Jose, California, it was the first free-standing dialysis center in Santa Clara County.

    Treating the “Whole” Patient

    As the number of patients grew and new centers opened, Satellite staff realized patients did better when treated for more than just their kidney disease. By taking time to get really know each patient, we could treat the whole person and improve each patient's overall quality of life.

    Giving Patients Access to Latest Treatment Options

    In the 1980’s, new dialysis treatment options offered patients more flexibility and better outcomes. Satellite was an early pioneer in bringing a range of dialysis options to patients.

    Expert Pre-Dialysis Wellness Education

    Satellite WellBound was the first provider to offer free wellness classes to educate and empower pre-dialysis patients and their families to help them lead longer, healthier lives.

    Defining the Future of CKD Patient Care

    From its early days, Satellite recognized the important role of supporting applied clinical research. Each year, Satellite funds worthwhile projects that seek to improve the lives of those living with kidney disease.

    A Passion for Community Involvement

    Long before the first center opened, Dr. Coplon was an active volunteer in many CKD community organizations. His passion lives on today. Satellite teams consistently volunteer time to community organizations in their neighborhood and beyond.

Satellite Healthcare History 101: A Legacy Alive and Well