Satellite Healthcare Careers

About The Founder

Dr. Norman Coplon, a pioneer in the field of CKD care, founded Satellite in 1973. Since then, we’ve provided CKD patients a range of dialysis options with a focus on making their lives the best they can be.

Our centers in California, Texas, Tennessee, and other locations offer home hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, center hemodialysis, and center nocturnal hemodialysis.

Hear From Employees
What it's Like to Work at Satellite

Giving Back

“Several of my extended family members had polycystic kidney disease. Satellite Healthcare took care of them and helped make their lives much better. I wanted to work for the company that cared for my family and gives back to my community.”

Larisa, Clinical Manager

True Team Environment

“My co-workers and I have a shared purpose. We work together to find innovative ways to improve lives, patient by patient.”

Dennis, Master CCHT

All About Relationships

“Satellite knows it's all about relationships. Relationships are why I chose to be a dialysis nurse. I love seeing patients over and over again. I know I can have the biggest impact when I truly get to know and appreciate each patient as an individual.”

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Kirstan, Nurse

Committed to Our Mission

“The company has shown me that when everyone lines up with the mission, moves in the same direction, and works towards the same goal, patient quality of life is improved and lives are saved.”

Celes, RN CDN

Patients are Cherished

“Small details make a big difference in a patient's quality of life. Slowing down and taking a few extra minutes to say hello and hear about their day is just one way that I treat a patient like a cherished member of the family.”

Rosamaria, Master CCHT