Satellite’s commitment to patient care extends beyond the doors of our centers. In every corner of the organization, our employees support the CKD and greater community in hundreds of ways.

Our teams donate money, time, and talent to help those living with kidney disease live the best, most joyful life possible. For more information, read our Community Benefits Report.

Our philanthropy and community service partners include:

Satellite Healthcare staff members serve on the boards and as active members of the following organizations:

Community Involvement & Philanthropy

    Partnership with the CKD non profits

    In 2015, Satellite raised and donated millions of dollars in support of programs that support all CKD patients and their families, including the National Kidney Foundation (NKF).

    Kidney Education Website

    Satellite sponsors, a website that offers simple explanations on how kidneys work and tips on ways to take care of them for better health.

    Helping Patients in Need Afford Healthcare

    Each year, Satellite provides more than $3 million to help low-income uninsured and under insured patients get the healthcare and other services they need to live the best life possible.

    Monitoring and Advocating Legislation That Helps Patients

    Satellite actively monitors state and federal legislation that could impact our patients. In addition, we proactively educate and inform elected officials on issues that impact kidney health as well as the CKD community.

    Funding Research to Advance Patient Care

    Each year, Satellite grants millions of dollars to fund applied research to help patients feel their best and live the most fulfilling life they can.

    Mentoring the Next Generation of Healthcare Professionals

    Satellite supports the education of the next generation of healthcare professionals with a number of paid internship programs as well as an endowed chair at Stanford University School of Medicine.