Satellite Healthcare – Committed To The Future Of The Field of Nephrology

Satellite Healthcare takes seriously its responsibility to help train and inspire the next generation of CKD clinical and research professionals in close collaboration with Stanford University School of Medicine.

  • Medical Educators. In 2008, Satellite Healthcare funded The Norman S. Coplon/Satellite Healthcare Professorship at the Medical School. Satellite's CMO as well as several referring physicians are members or adjunct faculty in the Department of Nephrology at Stanford.
  • Sponsored Fellowship. Annually, Satellite Healthcare funds one of the Research fellows in the department of Nephrology. This fellow spends the research year under the guidance of the medical leadership at Satellite with a project directly related to the care of patients with CKD. This program offers the fellow unprecedented exposure to the full spectrum of dialysis modalities and leaves them well-equipped for futures both in academics and private practice.
  • Research Collaboration. Satellite Healthcare also participates in NIH funded research. Most recently, this collaboration has included a study on the effectiveness of more frequent hemodialysis, delivered for 1.5 - 2.75 hours, six days per week, as compared to conventional hemodialysis delivered for at least 2 ½ hours (typically three to four hours), three days per week.

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