Satellite Healthcare focuses on the areas of patient experience, clinical improvement, and alternative dialysis delivery models such as self-care dialysis assisted home dialysis, and other aspects of home dialysis.

Each proposed project is carefully reviewed against our APCR criteria:

Defining APCR

Objective What it Means What it Excludes
Immediate Applicability Translates into CKD/ESRD clinical practice within 6-12 months of research study completed. Research that requires a long term follow up study before being implemented in clinical practice
Near Term Outcomes High likelihood for significant improvements in CKS/ESRD patient outcomes within the next 3-5 years Research outcomes more speculative with > 5 years follow-up requirement
Widespread Implementation High Potential for Adoption in the CKD/ESRD industry Research protocol with significant system-wide barriers (e.g. regulatory, practical, economic) that impede implementation of the research and/or results
Real World Settings & Patients Conducted in real world settings and generalizable to the CKD/ESRD care processes Protocols with narrow inclusion criteria; applicable to only a small patient subset
Practical Impact Addresses an unmet need and/or fills an evidence gap in CKS/ESRD care processes Research without general practical impact; basic science research
Cost Effectiveness Significant value proposition derived from quality/cost calculations Research with significant economic barriers for widespread implementation

Criteria for APCR

How research projects are selected