For nearly four decades, we have emphasized and elevated the role of dialysis nurse as essential to the comprehensive treatment CKD patients deserve. We've nurtured an environment where the professional nurse can thrive.

  • Nurse Practice Committee. Satellite Healthcare actively fosters professional interaction among nurses across its centers. The Nurse Practice Committee provides a venue for nurses to come together to look at ways to improve the quality of how we help our patients as well as the job satisfaction of our professional staff.
  • Industry Participation. One of Satellite's goals is to identify benchmark practices in our centers and to share our experience with internal and external dialysis providers. Members of our nursing staff are routinely asked to speak and present papers both internally and externally at industry conferences.
  • Internships. Satellite provides a number of internship opportunities for nurses studying for careers in nephrology. These internships were created to support our clinical ladder model from PCTs to RN careers. In our centers, interns receive the mentorship of highly experienced nephrology nurses. They are exposed to the continuum of CKD patient treatment options and develop the experience and knowledge to achieve their career goals of becoming professional nephrology nurses.
  • Career Advancement. Satellite supports continuing education for its nurses. An online library is available to the staff to increase their knowledge in the field as well as complete CEU credits. Satellite provides tuition reimbursement for nurses interested in pursuing a BSN or master's degree. This support includes providing nurses with flexible schedules that allow them to work while they complete their degrees.

    Additionally, Satellite Healthcare provides staff with various clinical ladders to advance their skills and education. Education opportunities and mentorship activities are available for those interested in pursuing management positions.

  • Useful Technology Tools. Satellite Healthcare has invested in a number of easy-to-use technology tools that help reduce paperwork and allow for more patient interaction. Read more >

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Satellite Healthcare's Dialysis Nurses Have Earned a Reputation as Leaders in CKD Patient Care