For nearly four decades, Satellite has operated high quality, state-of-the-art, patient-friendly centers that meet the long-term clinical needs of CKD patients and their physicians.

Health Literacy Emphasis. No other company offers the breadth and depth of patient wellness and treatment education. This emphasis on CKD health literacy leads to more engaged patients who are more proactive in managing their health.

  • Pre-dialysis CKD Patients. Our Satellite WellBound Centers offer a range of free comprehensive Better LIFE™ Wellness Education classes to pre-dialysis CKD patients and their families. These sessions often help patients slow the progression of their kidney disease, delay their need for dialysis, and, if the need arises, smooth the transition to dialysis.
  • New Dialysis Patients. Our Optimal Start® program is available at each Satellite Dialysis center and provides intensive and tailored patient education for newly admitted dialysis patients and their families.
  • Continuing Dialysis Patients. As patients settle into a dialysis treatment plan, the professional renal dietitians and social workers at our Satellite Dialysis centers assist the nursing staff in answering patient questions and helping address challenges patients face as they balance life and dialysis.

Leader in Home Dialysis. Home dialysis patients live longer and enjoy a higher quality of life. Satellite Healthcare has twice the number of patients on home dialysis than other providers. Our WellBound Centers offer unsurpassed support to home dialysis patients, which includes 24/7 phone support to ensure confident self-care by patients.

Fast Patient Information Access. Our ongoing technology investment ensures referring nephrologists have secure access to patient records anytime from any computer.

As a not-for-profit organization, Satellite Dialysis is able to put clients first. Our professional teams and advanced technology result in leading clinical outcomes and an enhanced personal patient experience.

To inquire about obtaining privileges, please fill out the credentialing inquiry form found under the Medical Staff Privileges tab.

Learn about partnerships.
Satellite Healthcare partners with nephrologists to provide the very best services to CKD patients. As the Medical Director of a Satellite Healthcare center, our physician partners enjoy a range of benefits, both professional and financial. Learn more about our Joint Venture Partner Program.

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