On average, annual expenditures for patients with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) are more than four times higher than those of patients with other chronic conditions.

Satellite Healthcare has proven, however, that with the right focus, experience and expertise, patients can feel better, stay healthy longer and generate fewer and less expensive claims to payers.

  • Patients live longer and spend fewer days in the hospital. Based on standard industry metrics, Satellite Healthcare patients have increased survival rates and lower hospitalization rates. Read more about our industry leading outcomes.
  • Early Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patient education reduces complications. Satellite Healthcare was the first healthcare services company to focus on comprehensive pre-dialysis patient education. Delivered through our Satellite WellBound division, this unique clinical approach offers CKD patients a higher quality of life as well as reduces CKD complications and episodic spikes in healthcare costs.
  • Home Dialysis Leader. Home dialysis offers patients greater freedom and flexibility while helping to control healthcare costs. Satellite Healthcare has twice the number of patients on home dialysis than other providers.

    Our Satellite WellBound division proactively supports the full spectrum of home treatments. In addition, WellBound centers are staffed with Certified Nephrology Nurses (CNNs) who personally train patients how to confidently perform their home dialysis treatments.

  • Emphasis on Quality. Satellite Healthcare leads the industry in establishing meaningful policies and procedures that focus on quality outcomes. In fact, Satellite Healthcare is one of the first healthcare providers to tie a portion of our medical directors' compensation directly to patient outcomes at their center.
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Satellite Healthcare Boosts Quality of Life While Controlling Healthcare Costs