For nearly four decades, we have been committed to improving patients’ health and outcomes through individualized and detailed nutrition care. Our emphasis on quality nutrition services rests with our distinguished team of nephrology/renal dietitians and is actively supported by company policies and tools.

  • High Standards. Our high level of practice is supported by the requirement that our dietitians have completed at least two years post-internship clinical experience as well as a comprehensive on-the-job training curriculum. The dietitians are also required to annually pass a combined didactic and clinical competency test.
  • CSR Certification. A majority of our dietitians are Certified Specialists in Renal Nutrition (CSR), an American Dietetic Association special recognition of expertise that requires a designated number of hours in nephrology practice and successful completion of a practice-based exam. Satellite encourages, pays for and compensates for CSR certification for our dietitians.
  • Mentorship Program. We have developed a unique dietitian mentorship program that offers non-Satellite dietitians around the world the opportunity to train in our centers with our accomplished nutrition staff.

More Time with Patients. Satellite Healthcare maintains a realistic, but generous, dietitian-to-patient ratio. This means our professionals have the time to serve the individual needs of every patient, especially those who need extra attention to benefit from better nutrition management and overall health.

Additionally, Satellite dietitians provide a holistic, case management level of care, with classes for patients and in-service presentations for staff. This fosters collaboration throughout the care team toward meeting patient nutrition objectives.

Excellent Training and Tools. Our highly qualified dietitians regularly participate in trainings and seminars to advance their knowledge and keep current on nutritional advancements for CKD patients. Many of them also present at national conferences to offer insight to other dietitians on Satellite’s best practices and successful nutrition initiatives.

In addition, Satellite Healthcare has invested in many comprehensive technological tools for the development of patient-specific nutrition, medical and dialysis treatment care plans. These include computerized decision support tools to help professionals develop dialysis prescriptions tailored to a patient’s body size, composition, and residual urine output. Other care maps and protocols are also supported by our computerized clinical system allowing efficient use of resources and minimizing risks for medical errors while maximizing patient safety and positive outcomes.

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Satellite Healthcare Has Earned a Reputation as a Leader in Nutrition for CKD Patients