In tandem with the best clinical services, we provide a range of services that treat the emotional and social health of individuals with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Each on-site social worker has advanced training in the area of CKD in addition to a master's degree in social work. Their experience and dedication help empower patients to take control of their wellness and give them the support and resources they need to manage a healthy CKD lifestyle.

  • Support for Newly Diagnosed Patients — CKD affects patients' emotions, social relations, and work life as well as their bodies. Our social workers help patients acquire and develop the coping skills they need to face their diagnosis. In addition, our staff offers the support patients need to adjust to CKD treatment and lifestyle changes by providing individual, family and group counseling as well as education, advocacy and resource referrals.
  • Help Making Sense of Financial Matters — Our social workers strive to ease the stress and anxiety about how treatment costs are covered. Our trained experts address medical insurance questions, prescription coverage issues and refer patients, when needed, to insurance specialists. They can also offer advice and referrals on how to manage other expenses, such as increased utility bills and transportation costs.
  • Tools and Resources for a Healthy Life-Dialysis Balance — As patients adjust to their new lifestyle, our social workers are always there to answer questions and help them overcome new challenges. These challenges can include help with transportation to treatment, choices and options about working while on dialysis, tips on travel and vacation planning, working through family support issues, and managing daily stresses.

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