SPIN MD connects our physicians, Medical Directors, case managers and physician office staff:

  • Access to patient information from any internet connection
  • Designed for use by physician or group
  • Stay connected with our physician partners and ensures timely coordination of patient care


SPIN-MD MOBILE delivers patient data conveniently to your tablet and hand-held mobile devices.

  • Real time data 24/7 at your fingertips
  • Access billing,note,orders, labs and treatment details
  • Formatted specifically for your smartphone or tablet

SPIN Center

SPIN Center facilitates documentation and interfaces with our lab while you’re at our dialysis centers. It’s designed for use by clinical staff. SPIN Center gives HIPAA compliant access to patient information and successfully fulfills CMS mandated monitoring and reporting of outcomes.

SPIN Station

SPIN Station makes accessing patient data and documenting treatment details at the chairside easy so that you can focus on what’s important: the patient.

  • Real-time data entry
  • Individual computer modules and touch screens at each machine
  • Documents staff-specific delivery of care and enhances patient safety
  • Automatic upload of patient and treatment information


SPIN DW enhances the organization and integrity of our data and allows for our ever expanding volume of data resulting from growth, research and outcomes monitoring.

SPIN Back Office

SPIN Back Office provides administrative and medical staff support:

  • Computerizing medication inventory-keeping
  • Maintains a digital repository for patient-related documents

SPIN Med Tracker

SPIN Med Tracker also provides administrative and medical staff support with:

  • Computerized medication logs
  • Easy-to-use touch screen monitor
  • The ability to log medication administration and distribution details

Real-time Metrics for Your Patients

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