Resources You Might Find Helpful

    Dialysis Basics for a Better Life (Videos, Handouts and More)

    A carefully selected library covering essential information for people living with CKD and their caregivers.

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    Kidneys Do That

    Kidneys Do That is Satellite’s online community resource for kidney education and healthy kidney living tips.

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    Kidney School

    This free online program helps patients learn how to manage and live with CKD.

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    Renal Support Network’s KidneyTalk podcast is an online, bi-weekly radio show that discusses practical advice on how to live a full life despite CKD.

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    Home Dialysis Central

    Home Dialysis Central is a one-stop online resource for up-to-date information about home dialysis in all its forms.

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    Save Your Kidneys eBook

    Text Description: Free 200 page eBook in 32 languages. Prevention and care of common kidney diseases in a single click.

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Community Organizations and Support Groups