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Meet Your Satellite
Treatment Team


You are the most important member of your healthcare team. You are responsible for ensuring that you perform treatments according to the doctor’s prescription, informing the other members of your healthcare team about changes in your condition, and working with them to provide a care plan that will maximize your quality of life.


    Responsible for medical care relating to your kidney disease and treatment, the nephrologist is the head of the healthcare team. Your nephrologist has special training in internal medicine and in the field of kidney disease.


    Responsible for explaining and carrying out policies and procedures in the center, the clinical manager makes sure that all patients are receiving proper medical care and oversees the general operation of the dialysis center.


    Responsible for delivery of care, including patient training and education, administering medications, performing procedures and helping with problems or questions about your care. You will have a primary nurse who follows your care and keeps your doctor updated about health and dialysis treatments.


    Responsible for providing direct patient care, including putting patients on and taking them off dialysis. The technician works with the nursing staff to provide dialysis treatments and patient education.


    A specially trained nutrition specialist for kidney disease who is responsible for evaluating the nutritional status of each patient and developing a patient-specific nutrition care plan that meets individual nutrition needs. Renal dietitians develop meal plans, help translate meal patterns into kidney-friendly food choices and review monthly blood work.


    Your social worker is responsible for providing you and your family support for adjusting to lifestyle changes that come with CKD and its treatment. The social worker can provide you and your family brief counseling for concerns of depression, anxiety or family stress, and are able to provide information and referrals for community resources.


    Responsible for answering telephones and processing business, medical records and insurance forms. The administrative staff greets patients and directs them to their treatment or training areas. A medical assistant may also perform procedures.


    Responsible for developing and carrying out policies and procedures for staff and patients in a number of Satellite Healthcare / WellBound centers in a specific region of the country.


    Responsible for providing and overseeing the medical care of patients at a specific center.