How to go on Vacation while on Dialysis

Apr 26, 2017

When a dialysis patient begins to think about going on vacation, there are plenty of things that should be done prior to taking off. They must make sure they are completely prepared and are able to continue their treatment while away from home. Whether the patient needs to go on a business trip or attend a family event, the ability to travel is often important.

As dialysis providers, it is our goal to provide patients with the support they need. You should be able to travel without concern, knowing exactly what you need every step of the way. We offer the education and support you need for the process so you can travel comfortably.

Here are some tips to help.

Plan Ahead

For patients who dialyze in a center, look into dialysis centers and other resources where you plan on traveling. There are internet sites that can list centers in an area, or ask family or friends who you will be visiting to help find the centers in the area and if they are accepting patients. Speak with your center’s travel coordinator to learn more. Six weeks or more prior to travel is a good time to start this process. There are tests and labs results that will be necessary to provide the center you will visit and these may have to be scheduled. Starting early will eliminate last minute cancellations.

Have the Right Information

When traveling,  always bring your insurance card, your list of medications, your physicians’ names and phone numbers as well as your home center’s contact information. Never leave home without this information!

Pack Necessary Supplies

Traveling for patients who do home therapies may find the freedom to travel so rewarding. Packing the appropriate amount of dialysis supplies can lead to easy traveling. For instance, on a cruise, a peritoneal dialysis patient can pack their supplies, while home hemodialysis patients can bring their portable machine. Similarly, going camping or on road trips for home therapy patients is possible with careful planning.

At Satellite Healthcare, we put our patients first and we want them to be able to find a dialysis center wherever they may be going. With 80 locations, 1,700+ employees, and 6,800+ patients, we are dedicated to providing current and future patients to have the highest quality of life possible. To learn more about our leading kidney dialysis services, we encourage you to reach out to us and see how we can help.

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