Hemodialysis Treatment While You Sleep

Aug 13, 2018

Longer hemodialysis treatments gently remove waste and extra fluid from the blood. By having these treatments while you sleep —you’ll feel your best while leaving your days open for work, school, or hobbies. Nighttime hemodialysis can be done at home or in a dialysis center.

No more sleeping all day after dialysis. Get the best hemodialysis treatment while you sleep.

So what are the benefits of choosing treatment while you sleep?

Your Days Are Free

After the first month, most nighttime dialysis patients are pleasantly surprised at how they adjusted to dialysis while they sleep. It takes getting used to, but having your days open for work, school or hobbies is priceless.

You’ll Have More Energy and a Better Appetite

3-times-a-week dialysis can leave you feeling exhausted the rest of the day after your treatment. Longer, slower treatments are much gentler on the body and require much less treatment ‘recovery’ time. Also, because these more extended treatments remove more toxins, people usually feel better and are able to enjoy their food more.

More Freedom in Your Food and Drink Choices

Longer, slower dialysis is more like the way healthy kidneys work. There is less buildup of toxins and extra fluid. People who choose dialysis at night have fewer restrictions on what they can eat and drink.

Curious about night treatment? Listen to a real patient talking about dialyzing at night.

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