How Yoga Can Improve Kidney Health

Aug 9, 2018

If you are looking for a new and fun way to get in some daily movement while working towards better kidney and overall health — consider yoga! With a variety of physical and mental benefits, it might just be the change you are looking for.


Strengthen Your Body and MInd

By focusing on really being in tune with your body, stretching and breathing, you're not only practicing poses that can improve kidney function — but you’ll leave peaceful and relaxed. Plus, yoga strengthens your immune system and is a beautiful way to remove stress.

Gain Some Relief

Yoga is known to help organ function and increase blood flow. With the right poses and practice, you can relieve some symptoms of kidney disease while improving their function and reducing your risk of kidney cancer.

Customize Your Practice

You might be eager to advance and master those poses, but first, chat with your doctor and dialysis provider. They will give you important tips and considerations so you can get the most out of yoga practice without injury. Also, as you begin attending classes, check in with the yoga instructor and let him or her know that you are living with kidney disease.

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