Staying Healthy Through Flu Season

Dec 14, 2018


Flu season is here, and for someone dealing with CKD, the flu comes with a high risk of complications. Staying healthy is thebest defense against the flu.

Get Vaccinated

The CDC recommends anyone over 6 months old should get the flu shot (though, there are some exceptions). Speak to your doctor about getting vaccinated and remember:

  • It takes 2 weeks for the vaccine to become effective

  • The flu shot will not give you the flu

  • It's safer to get the shot than to get the flu

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Make it a habit to wash your hands several times a day. Immediately wash your hands after touching things in public areas, shaking hands, taking public transportation, or flying on an airplane. Keep hand sanitizer nearby just in case you are away from warm water and soap.


Another part of keeping your body healthy is exercise. Take an extra lap as you stroll the mall. Take the stairs at work. Feel free to dance around the room when a favorite song comes on. Any bit of activity helps.

Keep Some Distance From People With a Cold or Flu

This can be easier said than done, but, whenever possible, reschedule a time with people who are battling a cold or flu. They’ll be better off for the extra rest and you can enjoy catching up by phone.

For more information on how to combat the flu, speak with your healthcare professionals.

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