Sticking to Your Diet During The Holidays

Dec 11, 2018

Being on dialysis means changes in many aspects of life, including how you celebrate the holidays. Having chronic kidney disease doesn't mean missing out on the fun and festivities.


Ask Ahead

Call your hosts a few days before the celebration to ask what's on the menu. Let them know that there may be certain things you may not be able to enjoy because of your health. Knowing ahead of time, both you and your hosts will feel more comfortable sitting down at the holiday table. If appropriate, offer to bring a kidney-friendly dish. It will be good for everyone!

Know Your Portions

Remember these basic guidelines on serving sizes. When it comes to meat and poultry, stick to a piece about as thick as your palm. For fruit, a healthy serving is about the size of a baseball. For rice, limit the amount to about the size of a computer mouse.

Watch Your Fluids

Don’t lose track of the number of drinks you have when celebrating. Drink slowly from a small glass. Keep track of the number of ounces you drink and closely follow your fluid plan created by your doctor and nutritionist.

Mind Your Sauces and Side

Sodium can sneak onto your plate through dressings, sauces and other side dishes. If most dishes are already prepared, focus on offerings that don't have any added salt or high sodium content.

For the best way to enjoy your holiday dinner, talk to your renal dietitian or kidney doctor today to develop a plan for how to relax and celebrate while keeping to a kidney-healthy food plan.

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