Planning a Summer Camping Trip When You Have CKD

Jun 8, 2018

Just because you are undergoing dialysis treatment, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little getaway to the great outdoors! Besides, a little fresh area can do you some good! To fully take in the scenery without any worry or concern, follow these tips!

Plan Around Your Treatment

Start day one of your trip with an early dialysis treatment. You can ensure you’ll get a good 2-night stay at any campground that’s within a 4-5 hour drive. Your Satellite Healthcare social worker can also help you schedule this treatment or help you plan out how to have dialysis along the way.


Fully Plan Out Meals

Plan out sensible breakfast and dinner options that fall within your dialysis food plan. Keep lunches simple by using leftovers for the dinner the night before. Reach out to your dietitian and inform them that you are planning a trip. They can offer advice and ideas on how to stay on track.

Don’t Forget The Snacks

Seeing the great outdoors can be a workout of its own, and with that can come an increased appetite. When it comes to snack time, stick with fresh fruit and veggies and protein-packed snacks such as hard-boiled eggs.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Fast food can happen — just be mindful of what you get. Instead of a cheeseburger, go for a plain burger and try to be mindful of your fry intake. If you can’t resist the sides, share with your fellow camper or get a small size and only eat a few.

Remember Your Fluids

As your activity increases, so will your thirst. Avoid getting too much sun, and enjoy the shade as much as possible. Try adding a hint of lemon to your water to better quench your thirst!

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