Top Summer Fitness Tips For Kidney Health

Jun 26, 2018

Summer is here! Now is the time to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors. The beautiful warm weather and sunshine can lead to a boost in energy, making you want to move your regular physical activity outdoors. As you begin to enjoy the sunshine, here’s how to do it safely:


Enjoy But Don’t Over Do It

The extra heat and humidity can do a number on your body. Start with the level of activity you are used to. See how you’re feeling before going that extra mile. If you begin to feel overheated, find a shady spot and take a rest.

Remember Your Fluid Intake

Exercising during hot weather can make you extra thirsty. Keep track of how much fluid you take in. To reduce thirst, get your exercise outside early in the day before it gets too warm.

Safety and Comfort First

Don’t forget to apply, and reapply your sunscreen. Wear lighter, breather clothing to keep you cool. Choose supportive shoes that will help with balance and absorb the shock from the hard pavement. Remember: don’t forget your hat and sunglasses.

Get Social

Round up friends and family and turn your walk into a party. You’ll get all the benefits of the exercise, plus the good feeling of reconnecting with people who care about you.

Keep in mind, before starting any new exercise program, check in with your doctor and get his/her ideas on how you can fit more physical activity into your life.

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