Low Phosphorus Foods You Must Try

Oct 8, 2018

Low Phosphorus Diet, Low Phosphorus Foods

We took a trip with renal dietitian Arlene Grant to Sprouts Farmers Market, where she found some great low phosphorus food options. Try these!

In need of a fizzy refreshment?

Try Blue Sky sodas. This brand of soda contains no phosphorus…even the colas!

For your poultry needs

Fresh and natural is the way to go! Phosphorus in meat is an added preservative also found in fast food.

For Dairy Lovers

Milk Alternatives

You can find some of these alternatives in the fridge section and in the health food/organic aisles.

  • Rice Dream’s rice milk
  • Almond Breeze, or Califa’s Almond Milk, and flaxseed milk

To satisfy your sweet tooth

  • Talenti Gelato is a great treat that comes in a variety of fruit flavors.
  • Daiya’s Cheezecake is a great substitute to traditional cheesecake and is vegan/gluten-free.

Yogurt Alternatives

These great snacks are all soy and dairy-free

  • Silk’s Almond milk yogurt
  • Daiya’s Greek yogurt
  • Good Karma dairy free yogurt

We hope that you give these great substitutions a try. Remember, food limitations do not close options, they open up new ones!

Disclaimer: This article offers general nutrition ideas for people on dialysis and should not be considered medical advice. Foods should be eaten in moderate portions and as part of a personalized diet plan. Ask your renal dietitian if these foods are right for you.

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