Low Potassium Foods You Must Try

Oct 22, 2018

People living with CKD have to limit the amount of potassium in their foods.

“There’s a trick to success,” says Arlene Grant, renal dietitian. “Focus on what you CAN eat! There are lots of choices that are both delicious and low in potassium.”

Here are a few of Arlene’s favorite tips for her patients at Satellite Healthcare Sacramento:

If you like mashed potatoes:

Boil cauliflower and then mash it up. The color and texture resemble the beloved mashed potatoes without the high levels of potassium.

If you like tomato sauce on your pasta or pizza:

Roast red bell peppers with some of your favorite low sodium seasonings, blend it until smooth and use it on your favorite Italian recipes.

If you like sweet, sour, and tart flavors:

Add a good squeeze of a fresh lemon or lime to your foods. They add great flavor to any dish. Plus, it will keep your food fresher longer.

If you like grapes:

Low on potassium, Low in Potassium Fruit, low potassium fruit

Pick up some rambutans, gooseberries, or lychee. Don’t be put off by the intriguing casing. Once you get to the fruit, you’ll enjoy the tasty sensation.

If you like pasta:

Low in Potassium Noodles, Low Potassium Noodles, Noodles Low on Potassium

Try Cece’s Veggie Co. Noodled Zucchini Spirals. Serve them up hot or cold with your favorite low sodium sauce or topping.

Be adventurous when you head to the grocery store or farmers’ market! Give these new foods a try. If you have any questions or want more tips, check in with your renal dietitian.

Disclaimer: This article offers general nutrition ideas for people on dialysis and should not be considered medical advice. Foods should be eaten in moderate portions and as part of a personalized diet plan. Ask your renal dietitian if these foods are right for you.

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