5 Things Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Need to Know

Sep 24, 2018

We know a diagnosis of kidney disease can be an overwhelming thing to hear, but we are here to help make it a little less scary for you. Here are a few tips to help you as you begin your journey to feeling better, face the challenges ahead, and build a strong relationship with your doctors and kidney care team.


1. Try to Be Positive

People with positive attitudes do better. Frequently remind yourself that many people with CKD live full, satisfying lives. Plus, there is a team of expert, compassionate healthcare professionals who are dedicated to helping you live the best life possible. You are not alone.

2. Ask Questions

Now is your time to discuss your blood work, treatment options, and future with your doctor. Knowing what to expect, what options are available, and how your lifestyle will help you ease into treatment faster. Remember — there is no question too silly, so ask away!

3. Stick To Your Diet and Exercise

Your diet is crucial to your kidney health, and your doctor and nutritionist will help you understand the best foods to slow the progression of CKD. By staying active, your boost your overall health and help you manage the extra stress that can come from a chronic disease.

4. Listen to Your Doctor and Healthcare Team

Your doctor and kidney care team has vast experience with patients with CKD. They are here to help you understand CKD treatment options, answer your questions, and support you when you need it.

5. Reach Out for Support

Join CKD support groups. It’s a great way to meet people who share your experience and an excellent way to learn the ins and outs of CKD. Plus, the CKD community will inspire you with its positive attitude and depth of knowledge.

If you have any questions or concerns about kidney health, dialysis treatment options, or anything else CKD, reach out to your doctor and Satellite Healthcare Social Worker.

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