3 Benefits of Daily Walks With Your Dog

Apr 24, 2019

It can be hard for everyone to get enough exercise, but regardless of health, it’s important to make it a priority…for you and your four-legged friend! In honor of Canine Fitness Month, we challenge you and your pet to get more active.


It's Great Exercise

Walking is the most common form of exercise and it benefits your muscles, joints, heart, waistline and mental health. Plus, there’s not a better stress reliever than watching your pet eagerly explore their surroundings and wag their tail. In addition, all the benefits that you get from walking, your pet gets as well, keeping you both healthier and happier.

Staying Social

Getting out for a stroll can help you and your dog make new friends. Who knows? You might even encounter other animal lovers like you! Before you know it, you and your pooch will have a new companion to join you on your daily walking. Fresh air and fresh conversation will boost your mood and energy,

Keep Pets Out of Trouble

A bored pet is more likely to cause mischief around the house. Daily walks with your pooch are not only good for their physical health, but it also offers them proper mental stimulation. Not to mention, all of that pent up energy will be spent running and jumping around outside.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab that leash and head out the door. Even just ten minutes a day will make a big difference.

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