What to Expect As a Living Donor

Apr 30, 2019

What to Expect As a Living Donor (Donate Life Month)

Are you thinking about making a kidney donation?

Giving the gift of a longer life is one of the most precious things you can share. You are giving hope and health to someone, and that’s priceless.

While there’s always a potential for something to come up, most donors experience few complications or issues. Here are some important things to know before becoming a living donor.


Types of Kidney Surgery

The two types of kidney surgery are open and laparoscopic surgery. While open surgery is more traditional, laparoscopic is less invasive and requires fewer days in the hospital.

Factors that determine the type of surgery:

  • Medical conditions

  • Overall physical health

  • Age

The Recovery Period

In the Hospital. Most patients stay in the hospital for about three days. Patients begin with liquids until they feel up to eating solid food, but most people are eating normally within one to two days.

Going Home. Kidney donors take it easy as they return home and are asked to avoid driving for two weeks. Most people return to normal physical activities around four to six weeks.

The Gift of Health

Sharing a kidney is a remarkable gift. With this selfless act, you are giving someone’s loved one a new chance to live a normal, healthier life without the need for dilaysis. If this is something that might be right for you, please get more information at or

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