5 Reason to Consider Home Dialysis

Dec 5, 2019

More than 95% of doctors and nurses would choose to dialysis at home. Why? It’s simple. They want the energy and the freedom home dialysis offers.


1. More Schedule Flexibility

Home dialysis means you and your doctor decide when and where you have dialysis. In the evenings watching television in your easy chair. Overnight in your own bed while you sleep. During a business or pleasure trip.

2. Less Medication is Often Needed

More frequent dialysis at home often means people require fewer medications for blood pressure, anemia, and phosphorus binders.

3.More Energy

Overnight dialysis at home means longer, slower treatments that are easier on the body. They usually require less dialysis recovery time and leave you with more energy.

4. Reduced Risk of Hospitalization

Hospitalization rates for people who dialysis at home tend to be lower than those who dialysis at a center.

5. Better Quality of Life

More energy and schedule flexibility mean people dialyzing at home can work, go to school, travel, and do many of the other things they love doing. Plus, the longer, slower, and more frequent treatments often lead to a longer and healthier life.

You really owe it to yourself to learn more about home dialysis options. Most people on home dialysis are extremely happy they gave it a try. Ask your social worker or anyone on your Satellite Healthcare care team.

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