Making Your Holiday Menu Kidney Friendly

Dec 9, 2019

Holiday celebrations are in full swing, and when it comes to healthy eating, it can feel like it’s almost impossible to stay on a healthy meal plan. It’s true for everyone, but especially for those who need a kidney-friendly diet. Here are a few tips to help you feel your best while enjoying the holidays.


Cook from Scratch

Whether hosting or attending a holiday party, make sure there are at least a few homemade options. It’s easier to know what you are eating and make better choices when food is prepared at home.

Small Portions and Start with Kidney-friendly Fruits and Vegetables

Take small portions (a little smaller than the palm of your hand) and start with healthier options such as a fruit and vegetable tray. Deviled eggs, berries, or unsalted pretzels are all good options, too.

The Main Dish Dos

When it comes time to plan the main dish, consider choosing white meat (such as turkey or chicken). With the recommended portion size, you and your guests will be satisfied without the extra guilt. If gravy is a must, keep it under two tablespoons and limit the amount of added salt; consider a salt-free spice blend to add flavor.

Build a Better Side Dish

Choose vegetables before starches. Green peas and cauliflower are both excellent choices. A starch or two is fine if cooked with kidney health in mind. Plan for stuffing without fruit or nuts. Learn how to boil potatoes twice for better mashed potatoes. Try this recipe:

Smarter Beverage Choices

Sparkling water, lemon water, or tea and coffee slowly sipped are all great thirst-quenching options. Just remember that certain fruits and desserts (i.e., gelatin) count towards your fluid intake, so be sure not to exceed your limit.

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