Traveling Tips for a Stress Less Holiday

Dec 13, 2019

For people living on dialysis, travel requires a bit of extra preparation. With the holiday season here, many of us are finding ourselves planning visits to see friends and family. Here are a few tips from your friends at Satellite Healthcare:

Plan Beforehand

For long trips, begin looking for a dialysis treatment location at your destination a few weeks ahead of time since space can be limited. Talk to your center’s front office staff or social worker so they can give you other tips to reduce stress as well as encourage you to take that trip!


Find Locations Nearby

Staying with friends or family? Ask them for help in finding the closest center to their home. Start with a few options and keep an open mind to treatment times and dates. When you arrive at your travel destination, check-in with the center and confirm your appointments.

For home dialysis patients, some may find more comfort going to a center when away, while others may rather continuing treatments on their own. Either way, you’ll still want to identify the closest center to your location and reach out to see if they can assist if needed.

Keep Important Information Handy

Keep these items handy, so your visiting center can communicate with your regular center and your kidney doctor:

  • A current insurance card;

  • A list of current medications;

  • Your physician's contact information; and

  • Your home center’s contact information.

Pack and Ship the Necessities

Packing early on and creating a list can prevent you from forgetting anything important. Always make sure you have enough medication to last through your entire trip, along with a few days past — in case your return gets delayed.

If you dialyze at home, make sure you have supplies shipped ahead to your destination and plan to carry-on your dialysis machine.

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