Preparing for a Kidney Transplant

Jul 25, 2019

A kidney transplant is a treatment, not a cure for kidney disease. A kidney from a human donor is placed into the body during surgery. If you wonder if a transplant might be the best option for you, here’s some helpful information.

Transplant Evaluation Process

Not everyone is a good candidate for a transplant, so health professionals require an in-depth medical evaluation. Most commonly:

  • Blood and tissue type tests

  • Kidney and liver tests

  • A colonoscopy

  • Test for HIV or hepatitis

Generally, age is not a factor as long as the person is healthy enough to undergo surgery.

Transplant candidates must be free of cancers and infection to be eligible for surgery. For some, weight loss might be necessary before surgery.

Waiting for a Kidney Transplant

Once approved for a transplant, it can take years for a kidney to be found that is a good fit. Most people begin dialysis so they can stay as healthy as possible as they wait for news that a kidney is available for them.

After Transplant Surgery

The operation itself only lasts a few hours, and generally, a transplant patient will be out of bed within a day or so and home within a week. Living with a kidney transplant includes ongoing medications, frequent lab work, and follow up appointments with doctors. In addition, some people find that their body begins to reject the new kidney, which leads to additional medical care and often a return to dialysis.

Kidney transplants offer people with kidney disease for a chance at a better, healthier life. If you are interested, learned everything you can. Ask your healthcare team to help you find the best therapy for you.

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