Kidney Friendly Grilling Ideas

Jun 14, 2019

Grilling season is here! With warmer days, cooking and eating meals outside just seems natural. Here are some tips to help you enjoy yourself without overdoing it.


Start Smart

Cheese platters and bags of chips are tempting but contain too much salt and phosphorus for people living with CKD. A better choice is a fresh veggie platter which will make sure everyone starts off the meal with a healthy crunch.

Put It On a Stick

Meat kebabs are easy to grill and delicious and a great alternative to hot dogs and other cured meats. Cut up some fresh chicken and veggies and thread them on a wood stick. Brush with olive oil and a little salt-free seasoning. Within minutes, you’ll have a fun and kidney-friendly main dish

BBQ Beyond Meat

Pineapple, peaches, and plums are all delicious on the grill and make terrific and healthy sides.

Watch Those Condiments

Too often condiments are a hidden source for extra salt, potassium, and phosphorous. This is especially hard when you are looking for things to top your BBQ meal. Limit your use of ketchup, BBQ sauce, and mayonnaise. Instead, try plain non-fat Greek yogurt with a dash of salt-free seasoning. Salsa is also a great swap, but look at the labels of pre-made salsa and choose one low in sodium. Better yet, buy a freshly made salsa or try making it yourself at home.

As you plan your next cookout, check in with your Satellite Healthcare dietitian. He or she can help you plan a meal that will satisfy and help you feel your best.

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