The Importance of Knowing Your Family Health History

Mar 20, 2019

There are many factors that can lead to Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Some of these factors, such as diet and lifestyle, are more under our control. Other factors we have no control over, and this includes our family history.

For families that have a history of kidney disease, the risk of carrying on that legacy is a significant health concern. Knowing early your family health risks help you and your doctor make the best decisions.


Two family health essentials when it comes to preventing kidney disease:


Having diabetes increases the risk of developing kidney disease and kidney failure. Approximately 44% of all new dialysis patients have type 2 diabetes, which is the leading cause of kidney failure.

High Blood Pressure

Second, only to diabetes in causing kidney failure, high blood pressure damages your kidneys. Those with a family history of high blood pressure have an increased risk of developing it.

Knowing your family health history, getting regular checkups with your doctor, and making healthier lifestyle choices is vital to longer life and better health. Recognizing a higher risk for diabetes or high blood pressure can lead to smarter decisions that may prevent or delay the onset of these conditions as well as their complications including CKD.

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