Unforgettable Memorial Day BBQ Recipes

May 20, 2019

When it comes to holiday parties, deciding what to eat can be a bit overwhelming, and temptation can sometimes take over, leaving you to make some pretty regrettable decisions. But luckily, we can help. Whether you are throwing your own party or attending someone else's, these delicious recipes will have your guests asking for the recipe!


Think Low Sodium

Looking for the perfect side dish? Marylin’s Low Sodium Coleslaw is it. It’s the perfect balance between healthy and comfort food, it has 63 mg of sodium, keeping you in line with your daily sodium intake. Recipe makes 4-5 servings.

Looking for another tremendous low sodium dish that will be the perfect starter? Try these Low Sodium Deviled Eggs.

Saute It

Tired of eating the same old veggies? Why not shake it up with some summer squash? Mix in some corn and peppers, and you have this delicious Summer Vegetable Saute. Serves 6 and contains 38 mg of sodium.

Bring the Apps

This Summer Antipasto Salad is an easy last-minute favorite that serves 8. No cooking necessary, 1 cup serving counts as one meat serving, four fat servings, and two starches.

The Perfect Side Dish

If you’re a cheese fan, then this recipe is for you. Summer Squash With Corn and Cheese is the perfect unique dish to keep everyone asking for more. Best part? It’s only 4 grams of fat.

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