Tips for Your Holiday Dialysis Meal Plan

Nov 25, 2019

Holidays are a time for celebration, and for many families, that leads to feasting on festive favorites. For people living on dialysis, this means being extra mindful of your food choices.


Watch Portion Size

Try to limit the portion of protein to the size of your palm. For fruits, a serving size of a cup is about the size of a baseball. For carbs, such as rice and potatoes, keep those scoops to about the size of a computer mouse.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Going to a party or holiday hungry makes it even harder to stick to a meal plan. Eat before you leave for the party. In between events, be sure to keep active and balance holiday treats with solid dialysis-friendly staples.

On the Buffet Table

Holiday dishes can be loaded with sodium or potassium. Keep those plates balanced with dialysis-friendly foods with just a taste or two of a ‘splurge’ dish. Avoid gravy and sauces and skip the extra salt altogether. Consider bringing a kidney-friendly dish to share.

Manage Fluids

To avoid going over your recommended fluid intake, choose a small glass and sip your way through the party. Thinking about enjoying a glass of wine or favorite holiday adult beverage, ask your dietitian for tips ahead of the party.

Choosing the Right Dessert

Finish your meal right. Choose hard candies, jelly beans, or gumdrops when you can — keep the portion size small and resist grabbing seconds. It’s best to limit or avoid desserts with chocolate, dried fruit, or nuts. Remember to eat slow, drink slowly, and enjoy the company around you.

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