Five Ways to Keep a CKD-Diet on Track

Sep 10, 2019

Living with CKD means living with a CKD-friendly diet. Each of us needs to make the best choices for a longer, healthier life. Here are five ways to help us all stay on track:


1. Start With a Healthier Kitchen

The best step for success starts in the kitchen. Go through the pantry and fridge and purge anything that may be high in sodium or potassium. Donate them to the local food bank or neighbor. Repeat this every few weeks or so.

2. Read Nutrition Labels on Food Packaging

Salt and sodium can hide behind other names, making it essential to read every label. The nutrition information is based on one serving size, and the ingredients are listed from the largest amount to the lowest. Look carefully for ingredients with the word potassium in the name, as these are sometimes added to “low salt” or “low sodium” foods.

3. Educate Those Around You

Not only should you educate yourself on the best meal options for you, but you should also share this knowledge with your friends and loved ones. Be sure they know how grateful you are that they are taking the time to understand your needs. Besides, by educating others, you have a support group to help you stay on track. Plus, eating a CKD-friendly diet is generally suitable for almost everyone!

4. Have a Meal Plan

Planning each meal day by day each week means greater control and more mindful eating. It’s too easy to make a poor choice when you and the family are hungry, and a split decision is needed. Planning meals also helps make sure you get in all the food groups in at the suggested portion sizes.

5. Ask for Advice from CKD Nutrition Expert

Satellite Healthcare locations have a specially trained dietician that can help you learn the ins and outs of a healthy lifestyle. They can even help you with recipe ‘makeovers’ so you can still enjoy some of the foods you love. For more tips, visit the “Eating and CKD” section of Satellite Healthcare’s Better Life web pages.

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