Dialysis Friendly Tips to Dining Out This Valentine’s Day

Feb 7, 2020

Keeping a Dialysis Friendly Diet

Life on dialysis doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a night on the town. In fact, you can go anywhere as long as you keep the right choices in mind when it comes to the menu.

Here are some ways to keep your CKD-diet on track when dining out this Valentine’s Day.

Pick a Restaurant In Advance

A restaurant picked at random might make keeping to your nutrition plan hard.

Scope out the restaurants online to find those with the most options that fit with your specific needs. Many restaurant websites include menus so you can look for things that might be heart-healthy and low in sodium.

Watch Your Fluid Intake

Watching your total daily fluid intake is essential when it comes to feeling your best on dialysis. Feel free to ask your server for a smaller glass and don’t hesitate to tell him or her that you’ll ask when/if you want more.

It’s normal to want to celebrate a little with a glass of wine or carbonated beverages. Check with your dietitian ahead of time, to see what’s right for you.

Portion Size Matter

No matter what restaurant you go to, keep portions small. Eating smaller portions can help significantly reduce your intake of salt, calories, fat, potassium, and phosphorus.

If your doctor has prescribed phosphorus binders, be sure to take them before eating. Don’t feel pressured to eat your entire meal. You can always ask to have it wrapped up and taken home.

With these tips, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying a happy and healthy Valentine’s Day.

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