3 Reasons to Consider Home Dialysis in the New Year

Jan 9, 2020

People living on dialysis have options. Some of these options make it easy to have treatments at home.

In fact, more than 97% of kidney doctors and nurses would choose to have dialysis at home, instead of in a dialysis center.

If you’ve wondered if home dialysis might be right for you, here are three reasons to consider making the change.


1. Schedule Freedom

In-center treatments require time out of your day. By switching to home dialysis, treatment is done in the comfort of your house or anywhere you happen to be. Because you’ll perform treatments yourself (and sometimes with the help of a care partner), the timing is flexible for you to fit in work, school, taking care of family or even just enjoying your favorite activities.

2. Expert Training and 24/7 Support

Your home dialysis training team makes sure you are totally comfortable performing treatments at home. Plus, the dialysis machines have never been easier to use. And, your team is available 24 hours a day to help you with questions or problems over the phone. It’s normal to feel nervous about doing treatments yourself, but you’ll be surprised (and proud) of how much you will learn in a few short weeks.

3. Better Quality of Life

The vast majority of people who dialyze at home are very happy that they gave it a try because of all the benefits. Most people on home dialysis:

  • take less daily medication

  • have less post-treatment recovery time and generally more energy

  • have fewer food and diet restrictions

  • enjoy better sleep

Most people on home dialysis are extremely happy they made the switch. Ask your social worker, or anyone on your Satellite Healthcare care team, about your options for home dialysis.

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