For more than four decades, we have operated high-quality, state-of-the-art, patient-friendly dialysis centers that meet the long-term clinical needs of CKD patients and physicians. As a not-for-profit organization, Satellite Dialysis is free to put clients first. Our teams offer leading clinical outcomes and an enhanced individual patient experience.

Individual Patient Care Regimens. We work to provide each patient with a care plan that addresses his or her lifestyle:

  • Our Optimal Start® program provides more intensive and tailored patient education for newly admitted dialysis patients and their families.
  • Tailored care plans for patients include formal urea kinetic modeling (UKM) to help deliver dialysis treatments that ensure both well-being and higher quality of life.
  • Our social workers assist patients on a range of practical, emotional, and social issues that ease their adjustment to dialysis.
  • Our clinics offer extended hours for greater treatment schedule flexibility with both early morning and evening shifts.

Experienced Renal Professionals. Renal professionals, each with specialized CKD training, staff our centers:

  • More than 50 percent of Satellite Dialysis nurses are specially certified in dialysis or nephrology. In addition, in order to smooth treatment and improve patient care, our nurses are specially trained in ways to most effectively and efficiently communicate with doctors.
  • Our social workers have advanced degrees in their profession.
  • Our dietitians are certified in renal nutrition and are led by an internationally renowned renal nutrition specialist.
  • Satellite highly values employees and continually invests in their education and career advancement. In return for this commitment to our employees, we are proud to have a low turnover of our staff.

Powerful Technology To Support Greater Patient Care. Satellite Dialysis maximizes clinician-patient interaction and increases favorable patient outcomes through the use of industry-leading computer applications. Read more >

  • SPIN Center™. Our proprietary clinical information software program minimizes administrative tasks so more time can be dedicated to direct patient care.
  • SPIN-MD®. This companion proprietary system offers referring physicians an easy Windows-based application to securely access patient records anytime from anyplace.
  • SPIN Station™. An advanced electronic treatment log system currently is being rolled out to each of our centers. This system is attached to each dialysis machine and provides real-time metrics and speeds documentation and workflow. It also provides quick access to a range of useful information such as lab reports, prescriptions, clinical care trends and other data physicians use during rounds.
  • Support Software. Dietitians use computerized decision support tools to develop dialysis prescriptions tailored to patients' body size, body composition and residual urine output.

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Satellite Dialysis Meets the Individualized Needs of CKD Patients