Each of our centers is staffed with a team of expert and compassionate professionals ready to give you the very best care possible.

Satellite has a strong history of very low employee turnover rates; you can rest easy that you will get to know the staff at your center and see them visit after visit. Here’s a list of people you will meet as you begin dialysis at Satellite.

Dialysis Charge Nurse. Each patient is paired with a specially trained dialysis nurse who oversees and leads the broader Satellite treatment team on your behalf. Our nurses are some of the most knowledgeable, experienced health professionals in the dialysis field. All our nurses are specialty-trained in dialysis; more than half are Certified Nephrology Nurses (CNN) or Certified Dialysis Nurses (CDN). Read more >

Patient Care Technician/Certified Hemodialysis Technician (PCT or CHT). Under the supervision and direction of the dialysis charge nurse, your dialysis technician will help you on and off your machine and closely monitor your dialysis treatment. Each technician is trained and nationally certified to deliver safe, efficient care of the highest standard. Your technician has completed patient hemodialysis training that includes classroom instruction and supervised clinical experience.

Dietitians. Our dietitians sit down individually with patients and help them understand the important role of nutrition in dialysis treatment and kidney health. A majority of our dietitians have achieved the status of Certified Specialist in Renal Nutrition (CSR), a special recognition given by the American Dietetic Association. Read more >

Social Worker. Satellite social workers support patients as they adjust to the lifestyle change of chronic kidney disease by providing individual and family counseling, patient education, and community resource referrals. Each of our social workers has earned a master’s degree in social work. Read more >

Medical Director. The medical director is the leader of the extended dialysis team, which includes your nephrologist as well as the Satellite Center nursing, nutrition, social services and support teams. He/she ascertains that each and every patient receives adequate dialysis through regular communication with the clinical manager and the charge nurse. The medical director also carefully tracks a number of treatment data and identifies trends that ensure the center is meeting patient needs. Each medical director is a licensed nephrologist.

Clinical Manager. The clinical manager is responsible for the safe, efficient, and high-quality day-to-day operations of your dialysis center. This includes managing staff, maintaining accurate records and verifying that the center’s building and equipment are safe and working well. His/her responsibilities include facilitating communication of health-related issues and progress between your nephrologist and the Satellite dialysis team. Each of our clinical managers is a licensed Registered Nurse; most of them have a bachelor’s degree in nursing as well as advanced specialized training in dialysis, including 18 months of direct dialysis patient treatment.

Administrative & Support Staff. There is a whole team of friendly, knowledgeable staff that handles hundreds of details that make your visit safe and more comfortable. These people welcome you at the door, help you complete necessary paperwork, refer you to the right person if you have a question, restock supplies and service dialysis machines.

For more information on our staff, please contact CenterDialysis@SatelliteHealth.com.

The Treatment Team at Satellite Dialysis Centers