The highest morbidity, mortality, hospitalization and costs occur in the first 90 days of dialysis therapy. Optimal Start is Satellite Healthcare’s proven program to coordinate and individualize care for patients new to dialysis. It gets patients off to a positive start and minimizes complications.

Optimal Start includes:

  • Focused patient interventions offering easy-to-understand explanations of kidney disease, how hemodialysis works and available treatment options.
  • Patient-specific resources, training and support to help patients and their families ease into a new lifestyle.
  • A specially trained staff member who acts as a single point of contact for patients— a single person a patient can go to for answers and to facilitate communication across the entire care team.
  • Proactive, individualized attention that ensures biochemical target goals are reached within the first 90 days.

This program provides a range of benefits to patients. As patients begin dialysis, a time full of anxiety, fear, and questions, they received concentrated time, care, and concern from a specially trained dialysis expert. This personal contact with one-on-one interaction as frequently as the patient needs reassures patients and helps them adjust to a new lifestyle. The didactic materials used in the program also help tailor instruction to a patient’s education level, life experience, and emotional state-of-mind.

Optimal Start results in well-educated patients who are better able to adhere to their treatment regimens and more fully engaged in self-management.

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Optimal Start® – Satellite Healthcare's Industry-Leading Program to Help Patients New To Dialysis